Sunday Worship at 10:15am

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GRACE Fellowship is now utilizing the free tool that the YouVersion Bible App has provided churches. This tool in the YouVersion app is called a "Live Event". In this live event you can access all of the scriptures and sermon notes from each week's sermon, and even submit a prayer request or give online. So if you have a smart device, get the "YouVersion Bible App" and check out GRACE Fellowship's live events. Here are instructions of how to get started.


1. Open the YouVersion Bible app on your smart device
2. In the home menu select the option for "LIVE"
3. Then select "Search for Live Event"
4a. If your device automatically read your GPS location, it should provide you with all of the options for churches in your area using Live Events.
4b. If your device does not read your GPS location, type "gracefc" or the zip code in the search area and you should gain access to all Live Events for GRACE.
5. Select the Live Event that has "GRACE Fellowship Church of Westerville" under the event title.
6. Have Fun!!!