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Daniel’s Vision of Jesus Christ

November 19, 2017 Speaker: Craig Malcolm Series: Daniel

Topic: Daniel Passage: Daniel 7:13–7:14

In the midst of Daniel 7, which records Daniel’s vision of the four beasts representing four successive human governments, there are two verses that stick out. They are a record of a vision Daniel had of the Lord Jesus Christ, and they are fascinating because they are unique in the Old Testament. The vision has been showing how the kingdoms of the world will be judged and at the peek of the vision, Jesus is presented.

  • Old Testament witness
  •  God controls history
  •  Jesus, the Son of Man
    1. He used it to teach His pre-existence
    2. He used it to teach that He must suffer
    3. He used it to teach that a person must be personally joined to Him to be saved
    4. He used it to teach about the final judgment

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