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How to Know God's Will

July 10, 2016 Speaker: Craig Malcolm Series: Amazing Joy

Topic: Philippians Passage: Philippians 3:15–3:15

How can I know God’s will? Is it possible to know the mind of God? If God has a plan for my life, how does He reveal it to me? How does a sinful, finite human being come to know what a holy and infinite God desires for me? In our verse this morning Paul says that in spiritual things the Philippians could be totally certain of God’s guidance. Through this, we are also being told that it is not only possible to know God’s will, but it is His will that we know it!

• God will reveal Himself
• I can know God’s will
     1. I must be ready to do God’s will
     2. We must be honest that at first, we don’t want to do God’s will
• His will is according to His principles
     1. You must first be born again
     2. If it contributes to your growth, it is God’s will
     3. Give it all your heart
     4. Work hard for others
• Look to the Lord
• We must be willing to let God guide us

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