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April 10, 2016 Speaker: Craig Malcolm Series: Amazing Joy

Topic: Philippians Passage: Philippians 2:3–2:4

Paul has been speaking to the Christians at Philippi about proper Christian conduct. Last week we saw that unity was a key priority in the church and that we should be unified in an aggressive proclamation of the gospel.

He now applies these themes to the conduct of the individual believer. Paul does not leave the question of the worthy life which produces the steadfast stand until he brings it to rest on the worthy life as it is found in the individual, a man not of self-seeking conceitedness, but with a correctly humble estimate of himself, seeking the welfare of others and putting them first. Steadfastness depends on unity, and unity depends on me.

• Life changing principle
• The struggle for humility started with Satan
    1. Satan is the one behind the throne of Tyre
    2. Lucifer was to lead the creation in worship of God
    3. Lucifer mishandled the merchandise
• The great contrast
• Spiritual warfare
    1. You must admit you love yourself more
    2. Humble yourself before God
    3. A daily fellowship with God

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