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Unity: The Mark of A True Christian

April 3, 2016 Speaker: Craig Malcolm Series: Amazing Joy

Topic: Philippians Passage: Philippians 2:1–2:2

In the last four verses of chapter 1 and the opening verses of chapter 2, Paul speaks of the need for closer relationships among believers. It is a matter of unity, and there are two reasons why it is necessary. The first is that it is necessary in time of war. Christians are often besieged by the forces of the world, and they must draw together if they are to defend the gospel successfully and to advance the claims of Christ in the midst of that environment. This is a practical reason.

However, the danger of warfare is at best a secondary ground for unity. The real reason for Christian unity lies rather in our relationship to Christ and what we now of Him. This relationship is lasting and it is because there is “encouragement,” “comfort from His love,” “fellowship with the Spirit,” and “compassion” that we strive together for unity.

> The family
     1. Encouragement in Christ
     2. Comfort from His love
     3. Christian fellowship in the Spirit
     4. The mercy of compassion
> Warning against disunity

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